About Wind Yard Resort

Wind Yard Resort is located at the water and mountain view point of Banasura Sagar Water Front. All the guest rooms are classified in the deluxe category, with fully air-conditioned rooms with guest amenities. All rooms are designed to immerse you in nature. The front or side view of the room is fully glass-panelled for the best view from the room. Additionally, each room has a balcony that is connected to it. The balcony is furnished with chairs and tables so that visitors can unwind while taking in the cool air and splendid views of Banasura Sagar.

The Unique Wayanadan Flavours

Wayanad is known for its unique quality of spices, coffee, tea, and fruits. It has been noted that Wayanadan coffee and tea have different aromas; special Wayanadan black coffee and tea will be available for guests.

Native Fruit Juices

We try to serve mostly native fruit juices; however, this offer depends on the seasonal fruit's availability. Wayanadan passion fruit, and avocado are some choices. In order to extend our social responsibility, serving fruit juices is part of the concept of "farm to table" to support local farming.

Use of Wayanadan Spices

Since Wayanad is known for the production of spices such as pepper, cardamom, ginger, clove, and cinnamon, we source them from the native places to have an authentic Wayanadan experience for our guests.

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Great hospitality and location! They have lake and mountain facing rooms. Before booking here, please confirm that you have lake facing rooms because in some online portals it is difficult to know if you have booked the correct type of room. Other than that, the rooms themselves are really amazing and the staff is great as well. They have decent food in the restaurant, which they serve on the terrace at night.

Akash Patel

Himachal Pradesh

Excellent Place to Stay. The View, Food and the way they coordinate with us make us feel like we are in home.

Krishnaprasad A